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Day 4: Habits

February 21, 2019


It takes most people a few weeks to a few months to form a new habit.  Onwardly not only helps you learn about practices that might be helpful to you, it also helps you to practice them.  Because practice over time makes habits.  And habits are how you enact lasting change.\n\nFor the first days and weeks, you might rely Onwardly’s Check-Ins to help you pause and notice important moments in your life and remembering to add a Moment in Onwardly.  However, after a while you’ll start to notice yourself noticing these moments without reminders. And that's the point of Onwardly - to help you create the habit which is then an intrinsic tool that's always with you.


Add a Moment in Onwardly.  It’s one more step towards making it a habit."


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