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Day 2: Ouroboros

February 21, 2019


The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake eating it own tail - a symbol of an endless loop.  Humans are very good at adapting to things.  And once you adapt, you often get stuck in the same habit of doing things the same way over and over for better or for worse.  These loops are your habits.  A habit can be helpful - helping you to be healthier, happier, and more connected with other people.  But habits can also be unhelpful and unhealthy, causing you to get stuck in a habit which holds you back from growing, changing, and being who you want to be.

As a human, you have a unique ability - the ability to hold multiple opposing views at the same time.  For example, something can be both helpful and unhelpful.  And it is in this divergence that the possibility of change life.  But being able to say yes to something you previously said no to, you have choice and freedom.  That's great news! You can escape the Ouroboros, forming new habits and ending others.  You can move onwardly.

That’s why you created Onwardly - to help you explore and try new options, create new habits, and and let go of things that aren't helping you.  To find what brings you joy and meaning.  To help you live a life of intention, energy, and fulfillment - at home, at work, and anywhere in between.


One thing that often brings people energy and fulfillment is appreciating someone or something in your life.  You’ll learn more about appreciation in the coming days.  For now, who or what do you appreciate?  Add a Moment with your appreciation in Onwardly.


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